M.I.C.E. Mission

The festival mission resonates a positive mantra to all- "Don't wait-create!"

M.I.C.E. Competition aims to bring many Independent films to be submitted and have them recognised for their creation and brilliance. It is the perfect adjunct to all the other wonderful International Film Competitions around the world and just another platform for filmmakers to have their work seen. In turn, it will add to the development of film and cinema, encouraging a lot more International cinematic creations.  

We are all mice in this world scurrying around “to be” and “to do,” always running, fast toward something- creativity!

This competition is where we can acknowledge just how creative all 'You' little mice really are in an amazing creative city - Melbourne city.

I came up with this idea whilst at my screening of my first film in my trilogy, FATE-It is what it is! at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival, in Time Square. New York is filled with masses of people running in all directions- like mice! Mice in cages of scientific research and health trials. These humans were like mice, all going somewhere and doing something, and 95% of them chasing their own creation and creativity. And almost 50% of them having suffered or been scared with terminal illness at some point in their lives. I came back to Melbourne city and saw the same thing. We are all mice and these amazing totem animals of this festival have such a significance to our lives. They are life-saving!

I want M.I.C.E. to begin to bring awareness to just how lucky we are to have mice in our life and celebrate their existence in a Melbourne International Cinema Extravaganza- M.I.C.E. Festival.

It is the beginnings of creating brilliance with the amazing courage of all of us working as a team of creative mice to make brilliant films and in turn bring awareness to terminal illness - and the life-saving mice!

Creativity takes courage” - “Courage is creativity!”

Festival mantra - "Don't wait - create!."

R Lobosco. Creator/Director of M.I.C.E. Festival.


A little background and Spiritual meaning of the Mice-
The mouse is one of the animals that are found all over the world. Hence we welcome films from every little corner of the globe.
It has good vitality and gives people the impression that it is smart,nimble and filled with enterprising spirits. They are optimistic, cheerful, do not fall into low spirits no matter how hard the circumstances, and will fight for their lives.

They give up their lives in medical research studies and have saved many million lives. They are fighters! Hence all you creative mice entering this competition - hungry to win!
At the same time, the mouse is sensitive and has good intuition and imagination, but they are not good at logically drawing their own conclusions. So film makers will enter their film in and leave it up to our team and panel of judges to make it the best festival ever and announce 'YOU' as the WINNER!