Rob Lobosco - M.I.C.E. Festival Creator/Director 

Rob Lobosco is a Melbourne based Producer/Writer/Director/Actor/Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

He studied and completed 8 years at William Bates Academy of Performing Arts, and further studies at TAFTA- Melbourne, 2012 Bernard Hiller Master class- London- and 2013 Bernard Hiller Master class- Los Angeles.


Rob has had various roles in Australian TV (Halifax FP, Frontline, Blue Heelers and Neighbours-playing Doug Marshall and the infamous role of Tom Jones). He has had appearances in the films Amy, The Interview, The Zone and many short films.

He has written & toured the education plays, “TeenISSUES,” “SEXUALE” “LIVESPARK,” and “Hidden Violence,” and wrote these education plays to a TV series called “The Valley.” Funding for script development was granted to him by Screenustralia (Formerly AFC).

In 2011 Rob sought funding from private investors and funded/produced his feature film “Groomless Bride.". More info at IMDb.

In 2011Rob was also a judge for The 48 Hour Film Project Competition in Melbourne.

In March 2013 Rob finished filming, "FATE - It is what it is!" He wrote, produced, directed and plays the two main characters, identical twins Tony and Lewis. FATE – It is what it is! was a 2013 officially selected film at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival. It was also selected for the 2015 Mykonnos Biennale Film festival and screened on July 6th 2015 in Mykonos -Greece.

He has completed part 2 of the trilogy LOVE- It's All Around! And the third part in this trilogy called DISCONNECTED – Stay connected! Part 1 and 2 are edited to a feature titled, 'Fate to Love.'

Rob finished writing Kate Banks' (renowned children's author) book DILLON DILLON into a feature film and was happy to present her with the finished screenplay in NYC during the 2013 NYC Independent Film Festival.

He completed his first ever romantic comedy novel, In love with Love – Not him! and released this for ebook sale on 14th February 2014, Valentine’s Day.

In August 2014, he made his two Romantic Comedy Thriller film's, “No wed for the Wicked,” and “Bad Mirror."

Rob also completed writing the Spiritual feature film, “Eternal Heart,” inspired by a true story about his mother. This was submitted to the “2014 Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays,” on October 2014.

He wrote his Dramedy novel, “Tough Lessons,” during the world competition NaNoWriMo and launched this in December 2014.

2015 saw him complete writing the feature film, ‘Lemuria,’ about the mythical world that sank. As well as the feature film, of his novel, ‘In love with Love – Not him!’ 

In 2015 Rob was the Writer/Health Expert/Presenter of the infomercials of, ‘Healthy and juicy,’ health & wellbeing website. He also wrote and created the latest commercial for, 'Healthy and Juicy' -

In 2016 Rob has been invited to be on the jury of judges for the 2017 New York City Independent Film Festival, where his first film of his trilogy, 'FATE,' premiered in 2013.



Amy Hoogenboom - Filmmaker/M.I.C.E. Festival Judge 

Amy is a reknowned International (Europe) model turned Documentary Maker, Film Maker and past judge of the Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Her documentary 'Scatter Joy' is an inspiring documentary featuring legally blind New Zealand born, Melbourne based cartoonist Brent Harpur.

This featured at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival. It gives us a fascinating insight into a man who has created a lifestyle and a living despite the adversity he faces on a daily basis due to his disability. This film brought inspiration to people of all walks of life, disabled and able. It represents one aspect of the common humanity that exists globally.

In 2014, Amy finished working on Chris Lilley's new TV series, “8MMM,” where she moved to Alice Springs to work on the making of this TV series.

She is currently in India, working and filming her next documentary about the women of India.

Amy met Rob at the 2013 NYC film festival and collaborated in the making of Rob's third film in his trilogy, “Disconnected-Stay Connected.”

Amy is an asset to this festival with her advanced knowledge of TV, Film and Documentary making.