Annual M.I.C.E.
Melbourne International Cinema Extravaganza
30th May - 2nd June

30th May - 2nd June Annual M.I.C.E. - Melbourne International Cinema Extravaganza

The Melbourne International Cinema Extravaganza M.I.C.E. aims to be one of Melbourne's leading cinema extravaganza and raise awareness and celebrate these wonderful totem animals- mice.

It will attract filmmakers from all around the world to submit and have their films judged and celebrate their brilliant creations.  

It is a unique platform for new talent and a celebration of cinematic creativity and innovation and extravagance.

Films with a focus on terminal illness will be welcomed to help educate, raise awareness & hope to all.


Art, Music and Film is a dynamic way to deliver powerful messages of encouragement and hope as well as entertain us all at this wonderful celebration.


A celebration that will engage, entertain, enlighten, empower talented local and International filmmakers and give recognition to these wonderful, remarkable, brave little animals with a big, corageous heart.